Meet Veteran Aric M.

When did you join the military and what branch did you join?

Aric: December 2002. The United States Air Force

How long did you serve for?

Aric: 6 Years

What was your role in the military vs. what are you doing now?

Aric: I was a 2A6X1 – Aerospace Propulsion (Jet engine mechanic). I was assigned to an F-15C Maintenance Unit at Nellis AFB, NV for the entirety of my time in the service. We ensured the continued operation of 44 Pratt & Whitney F100-220 jet engines. Near the end of my enlistment I was cross-utilization trained as a Dedicated Crew Chief. My daily activities surrounded preparing the aircraft for its mission and any post flight maintenance required on the aircraft prior to its next scheduled event.

Now, I’m a Program Manager for an Aircrew Services contract. I am responsible for the overall execution of the service we’re on contract to provide, which involves getting people into difficult places to perform specialized tasks, without failure. 

AEVEX empowers me by enabling continued progression in my professional development. 

What did you learn during your time serving?

Aric: How to adapt and be flexible, think outside the box, operate with a sense of urgency, precision, and accuracy, and how to have fun while remaining professional. 

How did you hear about AEVEX?

Aric: A former employee boasted about what it was like working for (at the time) Merlin after coming off contract. My interest had been piqued for some time when an opening at USAF AFLCMC DET 3 supporting MQ-9 CLS brought me to San Diego. 

How does AEVEX utilize your skill set and help you succeed in your role?

Aric: My skills are utilized to complete critical and time sensitive tasks needed to perpetuate sustained superior performance on contract and to contribute to the continuous improvement of our growing organization.

I have been able to utilize my available professional development benefit to obtain my Project Management Professional Certification. My leadership provided me with adequate time to complete the PMP while I was simultaneously finishing my bachelor’s degree. The flexibility to be able to accommodate my timeline is what led me to achieve success. 

How does AEVEX empower you and veterans like you?

Aric: AEVEX empowers me by enabling continued progression in my professional development. My leadership keeps my goals and objectives as their own and supports my needs to achieve them as they arise.  

What do you think are the benefits of hiring Veterans?

Aric: Excellence, Respect, and Discipline. These virtues stand out in veterans and are catalysts for high performing teams. 

you have any advice to fellow veterans about working in the civilian field?

Aric: When services we (or other defense contractors) provide are like roles veterans held in the military it allows for an almost direct transition into civilian life. Your training records, security clearance, work history, (and sometimes personal history) all make direct transitions with you. It’s a good idea to make sure that all of this is in order, accurate, and presentable for when you approach an employer. 


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Phone: 858.704.4125

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