Meet Army Veteran Charles

When did you join the military and what branch did you join?

Charles: March 2009, I joined the United States Army. I was not ready for College and wanted to set myself up for success on another path. I wanted to serve my country from a young age and departed to Basic Training before my High School even had the official graduation ceremony.  

How long did you serve for?

Charles: I was on Active duty for 12 years before deciding to pursue other options and currently serve in the North Carolina National Guard.

What was your role in the military vs. what are you doing now?

Charles: I wore many hats in the Army during my time.  I was a System Administrator and that is my current role in AEVEX however, I was also a Recruiter and Instructor during parts of that time as well.

What did you learn during your time serving?

Charles: Life is not always easy. The hard challenges are usually the ones that are the most rewarding.

How did you hear about AEVEX?

Charles: Honestly, I got very lucky; I was looking for a new position while on a contract at the VA in North Carolina. I was researching careers in the area and found this amazing company.

How does AEVEX utilize your skill set and help you succeed in your role?

Charles: One of my biggest skill sets is my ability to communicate with everyone in the company and tell that what is going on as I work to resolve their problems. AEVEX helps me succeed with the training and mentorship I get from those around me and make it very easy and caring environment.

How does AEVEX empower you and veterans like you?

Charles: This company knows how to communicate with Veterans like myself and what it takes to drive us and motivate us. Always knowing that you are cared about is what this company brings to the table every day and its very rewarding and empowering.

How did AEVEX help your transition from military work to civilian work?

Charles: Just the understanding that the military mindset is a little different than that of a civilian. It’s a transition and they work with you every step of the way.

What do you think are the benefits of hiring Veterans?

Charles: You know what you are going to get for the most part. We will be at work every day and early on most of those day. We will do our best work and put the best effort into everything that we do. Going above and beyond is always key for me and serving in the Armed Forces was a huge part of that. I was taught to always stay relevant and do anything I can to help even if it is a little out of my league.

Do you have any advice to fellow veterans about working in the civilian field?

Charles: Pursue every opportunity, never settle and work for someone that is going to push you to be better every day.