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Global Aviation Services & Solutions

AEVEX Aerospace is committed to delivering operationally relevant solutions that meet urgent mission needs. As a full-service flight operations organization, we tailor support services to fit our customers’ specialized needs in austere environments; provide expertise in concept of operations development; and shape requirements and capabilities into executable plans, while providing the necessary training, maintenance and integrated logistics support required to ensure continuity of operations.

OCONUS MISSION SUPPORT, global aviation services

Mission Support

AEVEX provides over 400 deployments annually which include UAV aircrew, ground personnel for mission planning, maintenance technicians, and combat medics. Our breadth of SMEs for deployed operations is flexible to almost any mission requirement and duration.

Front-Line Combat Rescue Specialists and Emergency Medical Support

AEVEX has a proven record of superior performance in PR/CASEVAC providing life-saving rescue and medical services to U.S., and Partner Nation personnel. Our team has completed a wide variety of complex rescue and CASEVAC operations and rendered medical care to over 550 personnel to date. Our team is selectively recruited from special operations medical and Para-Rescue units to ensure personnel can shoot, move, and communicate as part of an element should the situation dictate. The AEVEX team is designed to be light, lean and self-sufficient for employment in austere environments and resource constrained locales; providing an efficient and effective solution with minimal impact on supported units.

Medical Support, global aviation services

Expeditionary Combat Medical Support

Beginning in 2018 AEVEX expanded our special mission offerings to include all aspects of Personnel Recovery / Casualty Evacuation (PR/CASEVAC). We developed a team of Para Rescue Specialists, Pilots, and Maintenance personnel and coupled them with specially configured fixed and rotary-wing aircraft creating a true 24/7 inter-theater COCO rescue and patient transport capability. Our team provides a state-of-the-art capability ensuring continuity of care from the point of injury / rescue through patient transport and inflight surgery and patient monitoring to delivery at civilian and military medical facilities where patients receive the next level of care. This is a truly unique capability that is a key component of the Warrior Recovery Network in Africa.

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O&I Level Sensor Maintenance

AEVEX is OEM certified to perform organizational and intermediate maintenance on all L3-Wescam MX-Series EO/IR sensors as well as the Raytheon MTS-Series EO/IR sensors. We are proud to service numerous EO/IR customers, including AFSOC, supporting their EO/IR sensors both CONUS and OCONUS. By performing sensor maintenance on-site at our Customer’s CONUS and OCONUS locations, sensors are repaired and returned to service without shipment (in most cases) to the OEM depot. Our approach mitigates costs associated with shipping and OEM repairs while increasing operational availability of critical resources.

Aircraft & Integrated Mission
System Logistics Support

The AEVEX Global Solutions team has a decade of operational past performance supporting fixed wing, rotary wing, and unmanned air vehicles both CONUS and OCONUS. We are ready to support both non-modified FAA and/or Military Certified aircraft as well as any installed mission and/or weapon systems installed on or in support of the aircraft. All support is done in compliance with applicable/current version of DCMA 8210.1 and our local GFR/GGR.

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UAV Operations, global aviation services

UAV Operations

AEVEX is proud to have executed over 10,000 flight hours annually of Contractor Operated MQ-9, MQ-1, Long Endurance Aircraft (LEA), and various other UAV operations for over a decade. Our experienced, type-rated and combat-experienced pilots and UAV operators have successfully operated over 100,000 hours of combat missions.

Empowering AEVEX Aerospace’s Path to Net Zero with the Greenly Assessment

AEVEX Aerospace is charting a sustainable future, and with Greenly’s assessment, we’re providing the roadmap. Our comprehensive GHG evaluation ensures that every step taken is towards a more impactful, Net Zero goal.