Special Missions Aircraft Integration

AEVEX performs innovative aircraft system design and payload integration, with specialized flight test support. Our team includes highly-certified experts across multiple engineering and technical disciplines, with in-house facilities and resources for full system fabrication, assembly, testing, integration, and maintenance/repair.
special missions aircraft integration

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Racks & Workstations

AEVEX, partnered with Helios Aerosystems, provides custom ISR interior modifications rapidly and efficiently, using blocks of pre-engineered and fabricated design. The modules fit together to provide a custom solution with minimal schedule and cost. They can also be reconfigured as the mission evolves.

All modules are forward/backward compatible and can ship in off-the-shelf environmentally-hardened cases. This can facilitate fully-integrated spares, roll-on/roll-off capability, short-term flight test, and phased system expansion.

All modules are designed and substantiated to meet 14 CFR Regulations. Each customer’s custom configuration can be shown to comply with applicable Part 23, 25, 27, or 29 regulations.

Stackable Rack System, special missions aircraft integration

Stackable Rack System

  • 14U, 10U and 6U Modules available (or custom)
  • Integral, machined handles
  • Approx 24 lbs per module
  • Fwd-facing, or side-facing capable
  • Stackable up to 2 units tall, in any order
  • Replaceable, COTS-interchangeable server rails
  • Bolt-on console modules available (shown above)
  • Console module designed to fit 17-24″ displays (or custom)

Core Mission Rack

  • 14U capacity
  • Expandable via seat tracks on top (shown with mission pallet installed at left)
  • Flip up handles
  • Damper provisions for floor-mounted LRUs
  • Variable-width seat track attachments for various aircraft mounting
Core Mission Rack, special missions aircraft integration
Large Mission Rack, special missions aircraft integration

Large Mission Rack

  • 24U tall
  • Seat track sections for accessory mount or lifting shackles
  • Fore/aft facing only
  • Integral handles
  • Non-removable rails

Vertical Mission Rack

  • Wall-hugger design, provides 7U vertically mounted (does not protrude into King Air aisle)
  • Integral, machined handles
  • Customizable footprint for various aircraft mount
  • Seat tracks on top for expansion (consoles, radio pallets, etc.)
Vertical Mission Rack, special missions aircraft integration
The AEVEX Engineering & Technology team can also procure/fabricate and assemble various custom equipment and instrumentation for flight test and other applications, such as:

  • Pressure Management Systems
  • Flight Data Recorders
  • Racks and Enclosures
  • Operator Workstations
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Network/System Architectures
  • Power Distribution

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