LiDAR Mapping Solutions

LiDAR and multi-modal imaging solutions for UAS and ground-based mobile mapping applications

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Mobile Mapping LiDAR & Photogrammetry Solutions

Geo-MMS and Geo-ECTO-1 mobile mapping systems (MMS) are cost-efficient, modular systems for drone-based and ground-based LiDAR and imagery capture solutions. Our product categories and bundle options cater to a diversity of unique applications, use-cases and mission challenges. AEVEX’s extensive suite of ‘one-click’ advanced processing software provide a powerful, user-friendly toolbox for mobile and UAV-based mapping operations.

At the heart of our MMS is AEVEX’s dual-antenna Inertial Navigation System (INS), with tight coupling of LiDAR, RGB, multispectral and other sensors. This Defense-grade proprietary navigation technology has been refined over AEVEX’s 20+ year history to a lightweight, platform agnostic system that can be deployed in minutes.

AEVEX MMS Suite of Customizable Products

UAS (Drone) Based Mobile Mapping Solutions

The Geo-MMS Solutions Suite presents multiple options to cater to different applications and budgets. Each solution presents three levels: i) Tactical; ii) Operational; and iii) Strategic.

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Geo-ECTO-1, lidar mapping and lidar technology

Ground-Based Survey-Grade Mobile LiDAR Mapping

The Geo-ECTO-1 is an invaluable technology for organizations tasked with assessment of critical transport infrastructure, including bridge and tunnel inspections, road/highway surveying and powerline mapping.


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Land Surveying

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