AEVEX Aerospace

Unmanned Systems

AEVEX is committed to delivering cutting-edge unmanned systems and services, from Loitering Munitions to advanced Unmanned Surface Vehicles and Counter-UAS Services. We tackle the most demanding challenges, ensuring superior engineering, modification, testing, operations, analysis, and products for unique programs worldwide.

Mission Management Software

Loitering Munitions

Combat proven. Thousands delivered. AEVEX Aerospace Loitering Munitions yield real-world operational results that far outperform the competition. Designed for modern war, our unmanned systems are ready immediately for US DoD, and our allies and partners.

aircraft solutions

Unmanned Surface Vehicles

AEVEX USVs represent a leap forward in fully autonomous maritime technology, designed to support a wide range of naval missions including delivery of kinetic payloads, logistics support, and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) tasks.


Counter UAS Services

When you need a partner in assuring your UAS systems are resilient to emerging threats, think AEVEX Aerospace Counter-UAS Red Teaming. Through real-world simulation, AEVEX uncovers internal vulnerabilities and guides clients to bolster security.