Viasat and AEVEX Aerospace Help the U.S. Forest Service and the Orange County, California Fire Authority Fight Dangerous Fires using Satellite Communications and Infrared Mapping

Infrared Mapping

Viasat, Inc.
Nov 02, 2021, 08:00 ET

CARLSBAD and SOLANA BEACH, Calif., Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a global communications company, and AEVEX Aerospace, an industry leader in aerial intelligence solutions, are working together to deliver real-time fire surveillance and situational awareness to the U.S. Forest Service and regional Orange County Fire Authority to aid in their fights against deadly wildfires. AEVEX’s 3D mission management software, coupled with Viasat’s high-speed, high-capacity satellite communications (SATCOM) system, is currently outfitted on multiple aircraft to help wildfire-prone communities with mitigation management and data-driven firefighting insight.

AEVEX’s GeoFOCIS software suite offers a moving map display with a geospatial database to provide 3D situational awareness for wildfire management. GeoFOCIS is used to generate products to include fire perimeters and STANAG 4609 video files. The technology offers a common operating picture, using various data sources that can be transmitted from an aircraft in real-time to aid firefighters in their mission to fight and manage dangerous situations. All associated data is transmitted over the powerful Viasat SATCOM network.

Viasat’s advanced Ka-band satellite service and airborne SATCOM terminal, the Global Aero Terminal-5518, support the real-time delivery of bandwidth-intensive full motion video (FMV) and fire perimeters of active wildfires to command centers. This type of data could previously only be collected from ground stations located near the fires or retrieved from aircraft after they landed, which added critical delays to the process. Gaining access to real-time FMV and data provides firefighting management personnel with the vital information they need to effectively position critical personnel and assets as well as re-position endangered personnel and civilians out of harm’s way.

“The AEVEX technology integrates multiple sensor information into useable products to help wildfire management personnel make better, more efficient, and more effective decisions that reduce loss of life and damage to property or infrastructure,” said Manan Patel, Chief Technology Officer at AEVEX Aerospace. “We have worked with Viasat on prior projects to integrate their technology and services on aircraft supporting ISR missions, and we believe the Viasat high-capacity SATCOM network has the broadest range of capabilities to ensure firefighting personnel are mission-ready and fully aware of the dynamic environment associated with a wildfire.”


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