High-Accuracy, Real-Time Relative Navigation System

Geo-RelNAV® is a unique navigation system that provides relative navigation information between moving platforms. Information computed by the system includes values such as relative velocity (closure rate) and relative orientation. This information can be used for applications including autonomous driving vehicles, sense and avoid for commercial UAV’s, autonomous platooning (V2V – vehicle to vehicle) and sports action following.

Geo-ReINAV, GEO-RelNAV Assured Position, Navigation, and Timing

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The system natively provides solutions in the correct, non-inertial reference frame. Solutions are available via serial and/or Ethernet (both TCP and UDP) providing convenient input to external systems as well as the tools for analysis engineers to monitor the data in real-time using standard monitoring and recording tools. Geo-RelNAV® provides R-TSPI in different frames, including body-frame, local navigation frame (wander-azimuth) and earth-fixed frame, as well as transferring the solution to arbitrary points of interest on the platform.


  • Each Geo-RelNAV® system includes 2 subsystems, primary and secondary.
  • Size/ Weight/Power – 33.8 in3 (3.95×3.05×2.06) / 14.4 oz. / 10 – 30 VDC @ 2 Amps min. (each subsystem, not including external IMU).
  • Temperature Range – Specified: -20°C to +65°C | Operating: -40°C to +70°C.
  • Interfaces – External power connector, TNC GPS antenna connector, 1 Ethernet data port, 3 RS-232 serial ports, 1PPS output, 4 status LEDs.
  • Real-Time Data Output – Navigation solutions at IMU rate (depending on data link throughput) available via Ethernet, RS-232.
  • Data Recording/Logging – Navigation solutions, raw sensor data, diagnostics.
  • Web User Interface (status, configuration, log, SW update).

*Please note that the Geo-RelNAV SAASM specs may differ


  • Autonomous driving vehicles
  • Sense and avoid for commercial UAV’s
  • Autonomous landing for commercial UAV’s
  • UxV collision avoidance and swarming
  • UxV leader/follower formations
  • Sports action following

This product is also available as the Geo-RelNAV SAASM. Contact us for more info.

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