Ground-Based LiDAR Mapping

The Geo-ECTO-1 mobile mapper is the industry-leading turnkey mobile mapping solution developed by AEVEX.

LiDAR mobile mapping is a highly accurate, powerful, and cost-effective way to evaluate infrastructure and other assets – but we know that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Survey-Grade LiDAR + Imagery Capture Mobile Mapping Solution

Tailored to each client’s requirements and available in single and dual-LiDAR configurations, Geo-ECTO-1 is an invaluable technology for organizations tasked with assessment of critical transport infrastructure, including bridge and tunnel inspections, road/highway surveying and powerline mapping.

Modular, Customizable & Adaptable

ground-based lidar mapping

LiDAR mobile mapping is a highly accurate, powerful, and cost-effective way to evaluate infrastructure and other assets – but we know that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

  • Versatile vehicle support, rail mechanism for system forward/backward position adjustment.
  • Configurable for single or dual Teledyne Optech CL-360 (HD-XR) Adjustable pitch for dual-LiDAR scanners. Other LiDAR models available.
  • Adjustable pitch/azimuth for dual-LiDAR scanners Side-facing and down-facing scan capability Adjustable Ladybug spherical camera mast height.
  • Dual-GNSS system for robustness and mapping accuracy.
  • Easy installation and operation.
Ruggedized Control Box – Shock Mounted


Ruggedized Control Box – Shock Mounted


Ruggedized Control Box – Shock Mounted

Ruggedized Control Box – Shock Mounted

High-End Survey-Grade Mobile LiDAR Mapping

From infrastructure evaluation to environmental management, spatial data requirements and the mapping solutions that power them are evolving to cover a broader area more quickly, efficiently, and with greater accuracy. Mobile LiDAR mapping solutions from AEVEX provide powerful survey grade data that delivers a precise, accurate geospatial information in real or near real time. We know that individual mission and operational needs are varied and unique, so we offer customizable and agile applications that can be ground-mounted or drone based. With one in five miles of U.S. highways and major roads in poor condition and 45,000 bridges nationwide in disrepair, there is an increasing need for mapping and surveillance solutions that cover large areas safely, quickly, and accurately. Applications include:

  • Roadway mapping, planning, and infrastructure
  • Construction operations
  • Building and roadside structure mapping
  • Roadside powerline assessment
  • Bridge inspection-monitoring
  • Urban planning
  • Vegetation management
  • Shoreline cliff erosion
Transport Infrastructure

Transport Infrastructure

Road and highway surveying with single or dual mobile laser scanners
Corridor Mapping

Corridor Mapping

Rapid data acquisition across long continuous routes of powerlines, pipelines, etc.
Asset Management

Asset Management

Mapping roadside infrastructure, bridges, tunnels, encroaching vegetation, etc.

User-Friendly & Efficient Operations

LiDAR allows for efficiency and safety while conducting mapping, surveying and research programs. Because daylight isn’t needed for operation, surveys can be conducted regardless of the time of day for higher productivity. It also increases safety by removing personnel from hazardous conditions such as tunnels, bridges, and power lines poles.

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Geo-ECTO-1 Specifications Overview

Geo-MMS Navigator

Standard Configuration:

  • Advanced MEMS IMU
  • GPS receiver
  • Dual GPS antennas


  • Upgrade to military-grade SAASM receivers

LiDAR Sensor

Standard Configuration:

  • Teledyne Optech CL-360HD (UAV and mobile)

  • Teledyne Optech CL-360XR (long-range)


  • Single or dual-LiDAR configuration

Imaging Sensor

Standard Configuration:

  • Teledyne FLIR Ladybug5+

  • Adjustable height

  • Interface unit for image triggering, time-tagging and geo-tagging

    Control Box

    Standard Configuration:

    • Fully licenses PC with Geodetics’ software and sensor software for data acquisition
    • Easy access to connect/disconnect all sensors
    • Data storage on PC for live recording Ladybug5+ images and manual backup of Geo-MMS navigation data
    • Control interface: Remote access over Wi-Fi
    • Rugged build


    • Upgrade PC with faster processer and discrete video card
    • Keyboard, monitor, mouse

    Power Unit

    Standard Configuration:

    • Runs off vehicle power

    • Pure Sine Wave AC inverter

    • High-current 12V DC receptacle provided


    • Use existing inverter vehicle (minimum 800W – must be Pure Sine Wave AC inverter)

    • Car battery cable to control box

    • Cabling to system power

    • Remote control to turn inverter on/off

    Roof Rack

    Standard Configuration:

    • Rail mechanism with quick release


    • Customizable vehicle cross bars


    Standard Configuration:

    • All accessories necessary for field operations

    • Transport casing for all sensors included


    • Laptop: BYOD (Windows 10 Pro or better) + Wi-Fi