Aircraft Products

Twin Otter Modifications

AEVEX has a longstanding history with the DHC-6 Twin Otter. Over the years, we have developed a myriad of DHC-6 modifications to meet the requirements of various operators from around the world. In addition to the products listed below, AEVEX’s in-house engineering staff can develop turnkey solutions to meet your specific needs. For additional information on the products below, or to discuss unique requirements, contact us. We can design a modification to meet your needs.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Cockpit (Crew) Oxygen System
  • Passenger (PAX) Oxygen
  • Vistaliner Windows
  • Cargo Door
  • Passenger Door
  • Roll-up Door
  • VIP Interior Options
  • Observation “Bubble” Windows
  • Wing Hard Points
  • Cabin Hard Points
  • Paratrooper Seats
  • Fold-Up Utility Seats
  • Operator Console, Racks, & Seats
  • Lavatory (FWD & AFT)
Twin Otter Aircraft, twin otter modifications
AEVEX serves the goals of our clients by providing unique DESIGN – BUILD – FLY solutions.