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Why AEVEX Believes In Hiring Veterans:

AEVEX Aerospace hires Veterans based on their tenacity, specialized skills, and knowledge of what it takes to work in a team-oriented environment to get the job done. We believe that the transition between military service and civilian life should be seamless; landing each veteran in a position that uses their skills and provides them with greater opportunities – an effort that AEVEX always puts forward.

Veterans Within AEVEX

Over half of our AEVEX family consists of former military personnel, extending all the way from business development to engineering. AEVEX prides itself on hiring veterans and demonstrates this action by having a leadership team which includes several former military members. Dan Talati, Chief Operating Officer, and Brian Raduenz, Chief Executive Officer; who both served in the US Air Force with 20+ years of combined service. Alongside them is our Senior Vice President Jeremy Watrous, a former Marine, and Vice President Joyce Adams, who served as an Army civilian.

Different Opportunities for Veterans within AEVEX

There are a variety of opportunities within AEVEX for veterans. From overseas Intelligence opportunities to Engineering and business development roles at one of our headquarters. We give our veterans the opportunity to create their own path within AEVEX and we provide them with the support they need to thrive and succeed.

Looking to grow within AEVEX?

AEVEX has created an environment that allows our team to better themselves by providing employees with an annual professional development fund that can be used to enhance their knowledge surrounding their current position or desired role. We have seen AEVEX employees use this fund to enroll in graduate programs and to obtain various technical certifications and licenses.

Meet Veteran Bob S.

89 days below the ocean with 150 guys and no fresh air is a long time....
Woman in Army Uniform

Meet Veteran Naomi

All Army soldiers are ingrained with the core values—Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage.

Meet Veteran Erik

I learned what hard work looks like and to remain flexible in both approach and attitude.

Meet Veteran Charles

Life is not always easy. The hard challenges are usually the ones that are the most rewarding.

Meet Veteran Aric M.

...be flexible, think outside the box, operate with a sense of urgency, precision, and accuracy, and how to have fun while remaining professional.

Meet Navy Veteran Yeoman Ivy F.

I learned that we are blessed to live in such a great country after going to Iraq from 2008 – 2009. I am a proud American and literally kissed the ground upon my return. I was a part of a Military Customs Border Patrol Unit in Balad. I acted as a Customs Border Patrol Agent.

Meet Army Combat Medic Vet Vanessa S.

I was initially a Combat Medic and re-classed to a SIGINT analyst. My prior Intel experience was very helpful to recruiting candidates in the Intel realm.