A moving-map display with a geospatial database used for 3D situational awareness and workflow management and capable of providing a common operating picture from various data sources.

GEOFOCIS is a lightweight, high-performance aircraft system for recording, storing, and managing data and visualizing real-time information to enhance mission performance. GeoFOCIS can ingest data from sources such as video, imagery, radar, communications, reports/mission data, weather data, crowd-sourced data, and more. It includes analysis tools and workflows for building, disseminating, and archiving products. Furthermore, GeoFOCIS features real-time aircraft tracking as well as augmented reality capabilities that allow for archived products and data to be displayed on the user interface in real time. During a mission, users can view and search for geospatial products within live or recorded video.


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Real-time data and aircraft tracking on a 3D globe

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Visually-correlated products from multiple assets

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Digital video recording (DVR) with playback on terrain

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Searchable database with real-time and archived data

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Analysis tools, symbology, and workflows for product generation

GeoFOCIS cooperates with a variety of systems, minimizing customer costs by leveraging existing systems and infrastructure. It contains no proprietary data model and features out-of-the-box support for numerous data formats.

Aerial Firefighting

GeoFOCIS Helps in Brush Fire Battle

AEVEX’s GeoFOCIS software receives kudos for the Brush Fire near Carlsbad, CA from Assistant Fire Chief Nick Ordille for Carlsbad on Fox 5 News. GeoFOCIS is the mission management software used by sensor operators to relay fire perimeter data and chat in realtime with first responders and emergency personnel on the ground. AEVEX also provides turnkey aerial ISR solutions from procuring and outfitting aircraft to providing aircrew and analysts to meet customer needs.

Compatible Systems & Data
EO/IR Hyperspectral
FMV Digital mapping
WAMI Ground sensors
G/DMTI Terrain elevation
LiDAR Weather data
SAR Crowd-sourced data
Key Specifications
Video Recording Format: MPEG-2 TS
Resolution: Configurable up to 1080p
Frame Rate: Configurable up to 60 Hz
KLV Metadata: STANAG 4609, MISB 601
Still Frames Format: NITF, GeoTIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, KML
Drawing Format: SHP, KML

Image Processing Capabilities

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ISR / Aerial Survellance

Maritime Surveillance

Change Detection

Geospatial Analysis

Aerial Mapping

Fire Surveillance / Mapping

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