Ensuring operational availability

AEVEX has a diversified workforce of maintenance professionals from flight-line personnel to organizational (O)- and intermediate (I)-level sensor repair technicians, pod technicians, A&P mechanics, and ground support equipment field service representatives supporting deployed ISR operations worldwide.

AEVEX’s maintenance team is attributed with a large number of ”mission saves” that helped our customers avoid thousands of hours of mission-critical ISR system downtime. Our close relationships with sensor OEMs allow us to accurately calculate and plan for mean-time-between-failure, mean-time-for-corrective-maintenance, mean-time-to-repair, mean-time-to-return, and other maintenance related metrics attributable to potential ISR system unavailability. AEVEX is also often involved in system maintenance procedure and manual development from the beginning of a program or system development, enabling our team to bring unique insight into total system lifecycle sustainment requirements.

Our Services:

  • Maintenance Support Personnel Deployment
  • Sensor Systems & Avionics Maintenance
  • Aircraft A&P Maintenance
  • OEM-Certified O & I-Level Maintenance
  • Product Acceptance & Inspection
  • Mission Systems Maintenance
  • Mission Training Device Maintenance & Instruction
  • Maintenance Manual Development, Review, & Update
  • Preventative Maintenance Program Development