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AEVEX is your one-stop partner to operate, maintain, and deploy any ISR platform, regardless of size, mission, or geography. We provide tailored, end-to-end flight operations services for both manned and unmanned airborne collection systems, with proven performance in mission-critical global deployments.

Our flight operations services include:

As a full-service flight operations organization, we tailor support services to fit our customers’ specialized needs in austere environments; provide expertise in concept of operations development; and shape requirements and capabilities into executable plans, while providing the necessary training, maintenance and integrated logistics support required to ensure continuity of operations.

Our versatile team has deep expertise with mission planning and flight scheduling, and we employ a staff of pilots, sensor operators, ground support personnel, launch and recovery teams,  loadmasters, and flight line personnel at various U.S. and deployed locations. These hand-picked professionals are highly qualified to operate, train, test, maintain, and deploy multiple platforms across various size classes.