Meet Army Combat Medic Vet Vanessa S.

Vanessa S

When did you join the military and what branch did you join?

Vanessa: I joined the Army in April 2009; I was 23.

How long did you serve for?

Vanessa: 7.5 years

What was your role in the military vs. what are you doing now?

Vanessa: I was initially a Combat Medic and reclassed to a SIGINT analyst. My prior Intel experience was very helpful to recruiting candidates in the Intel realm.

What did you learn during your time serving?

Vanessa: I learned about my myself, my abilities, and my strengths. The Army had toughened me up in a sense that I know I am able to overcome anything that comes my way. I learned to look at the bigger picture and contribute to a purpose bigger than myself.

veterans have the skills set that is required and desired to fill our current roles.

How did you hear about AEVEX?

Vanessa: I have been with the company since it was CSG Solutions and I joined the team in September 2016

How does AEVEX utilize your skill set and help you succeed in your role?

Vanessa: Being a prior Intel Analyst helps me understand the requirements and skill sets required for many of our current roles.

How does AEVEX empower you and veterans like you?

Vanessa: AEVEX empowers me by giving me the leadership, tools and resources required to perform my job with excellence.

How did AEVEX help your transition from military work to civilian work?

Vanessa: I found the comradery that I was missing from leaving the Army by joining a team of prior veterans like myself.

What do you think are the benefits of hiring Veterans?

Vanessa: I think, especially in the Intel field, veterans have the skills set that is required and desired to fill our current roles. They have training that is rarely found outside in the civilian sector. Many of our contracts even require certain MOS training.

Do you have any advice to fellow veterans about working in the civilian field?

Vanessa: Speaking for myself, and only having worked for AEVEX since separating from the service, I think it is important to find a company that fills the void that you have leaving such a strong community of comradery and respect. AEVEX has filled that void for me and has made my transition very smoothly and seamlessly.