Special Operations Solutions, LLC (SOS), a small disadvantaged business, was recently awarded two contracts with Solar Ship, Inc. in support of an experimental hybrid aircraft.

SOS will be designing and developing the pressure management system for the aircraft, which is a critical primary flight structure and includes the cockpit user control interface, control unit, and automated pressure management system. SOS is responsible for designing, developing, and installing the system, including providing all hardware, software, and related equipment.

SOS will also be designing and developing a flight test data acquisition system and flight data recorder for monitoring and analyzing the aircraft and its subsystems. The data acquisition system provides real-time aircraft and mission equipment data to support aircraft flight testing, while the flight data recorder is used for continuing operation of the aircraft. SOS will provide all hardware, software, integration, and installation. This includes the integration of Wave Relay® data links, a Persistent Systems product.

Founded in 2008, SOS provides technical and engineering solutions for airborne, ground, and maritime systems. We specialize in end-to-end integration, complex network design/implementation, remote sensing, and flight test solutions.