Meet Navy Veteran Bob S.

When did you join the military and what branch did you join?

Bob: I joined the Navy in 1986

How long did you serve for?

Bob: 14 years

What was your role in the military vs. what are you doing now?

Bob: I operated Nuclear Power Plants on Submarines the…Now I run business units

What did you learn during your time serving?

Bob: A lot😊. 89 days below the ocean with 150 guys and no fresh air is a long time

How did you hear about AEVEX?

Bob: LinkedIn

How does AEVEX utilize your skill set and help you succeed in your role?

Bob: Great support all around and most of all….Good People

How did AEVEX help your transition from military work to civilian work?

Bob: NA – I transitioned long ago…way back in the dark ages

What do you think are the benefits of hiring Veterans?

Bob: Proven discipline and work ethic

Do you have any advice to fellow veterans about working in the civilian field?

Bob: Great Teams can be found everywhere. Life is too short to not work with Good People!