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LiDAR Sensors, Simplified: Part 2 – LiDAR Systems Range and Architecture

LiDAR Systems: A Guide to Understanding LiDAR Sensors Function and Capability Let’s talk about the various metrics used when discussing Geo-MMS LiDAR sensor characteristics – and how do we sort through the overwhelming information provided by LiDAR sensor manufacturers? LiDAR Systems: Sensor Range and Precision The range of a LiDAR sensor is often one of […]

Advancing Wildfire Management: UAVS for Cost-Effective, Resource-Saving Systems

LEVERAGING ADVANCED REMOTE SENSING TECHNOLOGIES TO PROTECT OUR COMMUNITIES AND NATURAL RESOURCES Wildfires consume millions of acres of land every year, destroying homes, communities, and infrastructure across the United States and around the globe. Fire seasons are getting longer, and fires are increasing in intensity as droughts increase and the effects of climate change become […]

Shaping the evolving face of cartography through flight simulation

How one AEVEX employee’s work on real-time mapping would influence Google Earth When Don Burns was writing visualization software for NASA and supporting flight simulator development for McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, and the Army, he never thought that what started out as real-time 3D graphics in the ‘90s would one day turn into the technology that […]

LiDAR Sensors, Simplified: Part 1 – LiDAR System Point Density, Returns and Beam Divergence

A Guide to Understanding LiDAR Sensors Function & Capability When we discuss Geo-MMS LiDAR sensor characteristics, there are many metrics and factors that go into understanding the oftentimes overwhelming information provided by LiDAR sensor manufacturers. This information is being provided so that our customers have a clear vision when it comes to selecting the optimal […]

Selecting the Right LiDAR Sensors for Your Drone

LiDAR Sensors for UAV / Drone Application When selecting the right LiDAR you must consider the various parameters that define the performance of the LiDAR sensor. These parameters are summarized in the table below. LiDAR Specifications Listed by Range If you are an expert in LiDAR scanning, you can probably stop here. Otherwise, this article […]

Road Surface Mapping with LiDAR – Part 2

Road Surveying using Geodetics’ Geo-MMS LiDAR Suite of Products The purpose of this blog – the second in a two-part series – is to continue to explain the capabilities of Geo-MMS LiDAR payloads for road surveys and highway scanning. We will explore the wider workflows surrounding the digital mapping of transport infrastructure and associated assets. In case […]

Road Surface Mapping with LiDAR – Part 1

Leveraging your Geo-MMS for Detailed Road Surface & Infrastructure Modeling Following the economic downturn experienced in 2020, it is expected the US will significantly increase investment over the next number of years into the country’s infrastructure (e.g. roads, bridges, etc.), becoming a key catalyst for growth regeneration in the US and global economies. With this […]